About Us

Sisters Hope Mallard and Sabrina Howard have art in their veins. From the time they could walk they’ve been painting, drawing and creating.  “I’ve been an artist all my life,” says Hope. “I've always wanted to find  a way to reach out and teach art.”

Hope started by painting children’s furniture, that eventually branched out into face painting.  “I was prompted by my kid’s one Halloween,” Hope said. “They wanted to be a butterfly and a tiger.”  


Prissy Paintbrush Studios now provide professional face painting at private parties and events throughout the metro.

Facepainting led to private paint parties, helping participants create custom canvases. Sabrina thinks everyone has the ability to be creative.  “Anyone can create art. Sometimes they just need a little guidance and inspiration.”


The business grew so fast that they now have open classes where anyone can sign up the website. They also hold private parties for adults and children.


“We’ve done showers, kids birthdays adult birthdays, going away parties and sorority functions,” says Hope.  “We help create custom canvases for your event. We want people to leave with a keepsake.”

 (as seen in Jackson Free Press June 2013 J

Learning through Art

Artist interns are part of our team. They assist with all parties and events. Chandler Howard, son of Sabrina, is an up and coming artist.  He enjoys painting and working with the kids.  He's simply elated to have the opportunity to join his mom and aunt on their creative ventures.

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